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So much has changed since my last post, nearly a year ago–take, for instance…my 8 month and 3 week pregnant belly!


I love my sociology classes!!
Check out my sociology of women class blog.

What if I got it wrong?

And no poem or song

Could put right

What I got wrong

Or make you feel I belong…

Every step that you take

Could be your biggestg mistake

It could bend or it could break

But that’s the risk that you take….

Let’s take a breath

And jump over the side

How can you know it

When you don’t even try….


This song randomly came on my iPod just now as I am trying to study for my hellish Linguistics test next week.  I forgot how much I love this song and Coldplay! Good stuff, for sure.

I’ve had a really beautiful day today.  I am still house-sitting and pet-sitting five wild dogs this week.  The house I am looking after is right off of Paynes Praire, so I am feeling pretty inspired having the entire house to myself out there.

I guess that is the reason that all I felt like doing was creating today…instead of doing practical things like studying!!

I hung out with my friend and we went to Peer One where I started daydreaming big time about how I want my future apartment in Atlanta to look like.  Then we went to Michael’s and I really just wanted to play around all day and do crafty things.  My goal is to take a ton of pictures with my digital camera of my life in Gainesville before I move, then decorate and paint frames for my pictures. But, between job-hunting, resume-making, working, schooling, and preparing to move, it’ll be challenging to find the time. 😉

Finally, I bought gemstones from Avalon and made some jewelry!

I am terrible at keeping up with this blog.  Cramming 15 credit hours of school and working 30 hours a week doesn’t make it easy. Excuses, excuses, I know.

The good news is that I am 5 weeks from finishing my undergraduate degree at the University of Florida!

The bad news is that I am taking a Linguistics class that is killin’ me! After just one week, I am freaked out!! Just my luck, lol! But I will survive, I am sure.

I forgot my umbrella Thursday, a catastrophic mistake if you live in Florida.  Of course, when I got out of my 3:30pm class, it was pouring rain and I had to walk all the way to my apartment in it.  It’s been years since I’ve played in the rain, so it was kind of fun….except for the fact that I had all my electronically devices with me–ipod, cell phone, and netbook. D’oh!! My cellphone was the only one a little beat-up…but luckily after leaving it overnight in some dry rice, it, too, survived.  The threat of losing my cellphone was the most disconcerting…especially because of all the random pictures I have on it.

You could probably tell a lot about me by the pics I take.   In an effort to store them in a more secure location and for all those who want to psycho-analyze me through my cell phone pictures… they are. 🙂


“Bad poetry is better than good politics,”

I told the man with the protruding eyes

After he stabbed me and carelessly, violently caressed me.

It’s all up to fate,

If we play our cards right.

He is my killer and I am his muse.

The universe expands and distorts according

According to our magnetic desires.

Will we evaporate?

Or only perspirate?

Until my fragile vestibule explodes into irregular pieces of


It all depends on one thing:

Origins of Melody.


Conversations that begin with assumptions determine the course of sameness.

Pleasure only comes from spontaneously beautiful creativity.

Life will succeed in the determination to be free.

Love is better with soul,

Than it was historically.

When life give you hell,

Show it what you hide.

Tell him how intent was nothing

And then everything to believe.

Forget about structure

Go For Flow with forgetful frequency.

Emily and I have found a new way to entertain ourselves…fill in the blank poetry.  The first poem I posted, I wrote all of the words except for the ones that were underlined.  Emily filled those in.  And then for poem number 2, I filled in the blanks.  Considering we were just winging it and the fact that I definitely don’t consider myself a poet, we came up with some kind of pretty lines.

Last night, I was playing around with the last one we co-wrote and changed it a bit to…

True pleasure comes only from

Spontaneously beautiful creativity

Life will succeed in the determination to be free.

Love is better with soul,

Than an idealized history.

When life gives you hell,

Show it what you hide so fervently.

Intent, non-existent.

And, suddenly,



Rid yourself of structure.

Go for Flow

With Forgetful frequency

Because movements that begin with assumptions

Determine a forced course of stale activity.

“…Hold on Darlin, I ain’t finished yet!”

The fall and the spring are the best seasons in Gainesville, that is for sure.  This weekend in particular was a gorgeous spring weekend.  I had so much fun, got so inspired, and now I’ve got Spring Fever bad and am trying with all my might to keep my focus on school. 🙂

I began my weekend with a poetry reading on campus called Exhale.  Wow! Some of the young poet’s intensity and depth nearly brought me to tears.  This one poet in particular caught my attention.  She was a black girl with a beautiful afro who read her words from an old, plain journal.  She read about having a thick skin and how she didn’t wish it on anyone.  I so wish I had a copy of her words; they were truly amazing….

Saturday morning, I went to the local coffee shop and spent some time with Cindy and Valerie who were selling their beads and jewelry.  Gotta love those bead artists!!  Made me feel guilty for not creating more… 😦

The most exciting part of my weekend came during late Saturday afternoon.  Slightly Stoopid and G. Love were practically playing in my backyard for free!!!  I walked to campus way too early so I could get a good seat.  An unexpected 12,000 people ended up showing up, and guess who got front row, center stage!!! Yeah!!  G. Love and Special sauce= phenemonal!  I so love him and he totally looked at me a couple times while he was singing! I am pretty sure he was singing just for me!! 😉

Slightly Stoopid came up much later, played 5 songs, then had to leave early.  The police shut the concert down because the concert had too many people, and people were getting hurt from crowd surfing. So lame! Oh, and there was a beer fest all day before the concert, so everyone was showing up drunk. The worst part is that some of the kids were trying to mosh….at a reggae concert.  I was just happy I got my G. Love and I got to hear my favorite Slightly Stoopid song, Collie Man.

Now I am aching to go to more concerts.  Live music is a delicious experience!!

And some man live his life
For profits alone
That very same man
He lives his life all alone
And the road to life
Yes it goes up and down
Doesn’t really matter
As long as the music goes on
Hey mister collie man
Why don’t you come round no more
Hey mister collie collie man
Don’t you hear me troubled call
Hey mister collie man
Look i didn’t come to disturb
You best not be come ’round here
Unless you’ve got me sensi herb
I never needed any
Reason for me to say
Through all them troubled times
Yes me love you any way
And the roughest path
You know the rocky rocky road
You know that
Life and love is a
Heavy heavy load
Hey mister collie man
Why don’t you come ’round no more
Hey mister collie collie man
Dont you hear me troubled call
Hey mister collie man
Look i didn’t come to disturb
You best not be come round here
Unless you’ve got me sensi herb
You best not be come round here
Unless you’ve got me sensi herb

“Don’t allow the fear to overpower you, allow love to overpower you.  Love comes from the center, fear always comes from the periphery; don’t allow this periphery to be dominant. And what have you got to lose?” -Osho

Back in class this morning after a really enjoyable Spring Break.  I was especially feeling the loss of an hour from daylight savings time while I sat in my least favorite class this morning! My brain is still on Spring Break, but I am trying to get my focus back.  I think we only have 5 weeks left of the Spring Semester!! Crazy!! What’s next? I don’t know exactly…I have some ideas…but I am just trying to enjoy the present…my life here &  now.

Anyway, David is getting ready to go, so I will cut this short….More soon…

Plant impossible gardens.

Look forward to dreams.

Cry during movies.

Swing as high as you can on a swingset, by moonlight.
Cultivate moods.
Do it for love.

Take lots of naps.
Take moonbaths.
Giggle with children.
Listen to old people.
Drive away fear.

Play with everything.
Entertain your inner child.
Build a fort with blankets.
Get wet.

Hug trees.

Write love letters.


I hate to admit it, but I not only am addicted to this show, but I really relate to it as well….for some odd reason.  I know it’s a cheesy thing to admit.  But, yummm!!!

I’m with David right now, drinking coffee, smiling appreciatively as he shows me a picture in his Disney book he’s looking through.  & I am ready for something phenomenal to happen….GO!

I am really terrible at rule-following, and especially, direction-following.  Good advice is wasted on me.  In fact, I usually like to do the opposite of what people tell me.  Not intentionally, really. It just seems to kind of, well, happen.  I know we’re all governed by natural, human laws and there really is no way to beat these.  But, still, I like to test them sometimes and ask, What If?  The result is usually me hitting a brick-wall and getting a broken heart. But, boy, what a ride!!! I’m just saying that I don’t think my path is pre-set.  Everyday is an opportunity for a creative, spontaneous adventure.  I know! That is pretty much the definition of young, dumb, & naive….yet, still, I persist!

Life is just a series of moments and I am trying to appreciate each one.  It’s challenging because I so want to dwell on the past or live in the wonder of the future.  But, nope. Got to stay present-minded! Hmmm….makes me miss doing yoga & meditation.  I have got to get back into that!  It keeps me sane!!

School is bringing me down a bit this semester.  I was so into my classes in the past semesters.  But now I am feeling restless and ready to be done! Move on with my life! Leave the 18 year old drunken idiots behind me! 🙂  But, alas, I have to remind myself to appreciate the opportunity I have to be at UF.  Five more classes after this semester isn’t bad and I will miss it when I am finished.

The one class that I am really enjoying is my social theory class.  We’ve learned about Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Comte.  Interesting to realize that we are all part of an interconnected system.  Every individual we encounter–and even the ones we don’t directly encounter–ripple affects into our individual lives….. Duh…. But really, it is so easy to forget!

In other news…I dyed my hair auburn this weekend to get rid of the blonde.  I didn’t realize until after I bought it that it is only semi-permanent…which means 28 shampooing days til the color wears off. Hmmm…..  That may be a good thing!!

Hehe 🙂

xoxox & lots of love!!!